Selected Reviews

Huffington Post
"Buffam impresses with her wisdom, grace, and generosity: This is warm, engaging poetry and it deserves the broadest possible audience."
January 2012 Contemporary Poetry Reviews

Quill & Quire
"...consistently sharp and engaging..."
The Irrationalist

The Nervous Breakdown
“Buffam leaves nothing unturned in these pages as she reflects on fact, laments heartache and keeps her reader curious as to what lies in wait for us on the next page.”
Between the Pen and Paper v.7

The Colorado Review
“Original, inventive: we want our poets to be bold. We want the poems to add up to more than the sum of their parts. We want the sublime, the open-to-the-bone exclamation of epiphany. And we’d like the poem to be smart but not too intellectual. Why not? In her second book, The Irrationalist, Suzanne Buffam delivers.”
The Irrationalist Reviewed By John Whalen

Publisher’s Weekly
“Buffam's poetry is full of heavy thought and dark humor.”
The Irrationalist

360 Main Street
“This is an introspective poetry that is intelligent, funny, and sad, and if it is the work of an irrational mind, then I have no interest in the rational.”
The Irrationalist

“I like what Buffam says in these poems, but more than that, I get off on how they operate on my consciousness. All over the world, chemists strive to perfect pharmaceutical formulas so that they can pack into a pill the kind of clear, elevated sensation that Buffam produces with words on paper.”
Damian Rogers on Suzanne Buffam’s "The Irrationalist"

The Star
“Buffam has an intriguing way of toggling back and forth between the coolly cerebral and the emotionally direct, with offhand ease. It's a kind of unbalancing act — from one line to the next, a reader doesn't know what to expect. What you do get, though, is an array of striking, evocative images, frequently of ruin or catastrophe, and suggestive of our crisis-ridden age and existential angst…. The Irrationalist is a genuine dazzler.”
'Lookout' and 'The Irrationalist:' The ache of a landscape people have left

“Buffam isn’t afraid of a comic touch or of profundity. The book stretches beyond the safe grounds of poetry… Reading one poem in this collection, I can’t predict where the next poem will go, or how.”
Brief Reviews for Arc 65


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