Selected Reviews

Boston Review
“If only the body / could make up its mind,” Suzanne Buffam writes in her elegant debut, Past Imperfect. This sort of wry and watchful, bodied consciousness haunts the collection. It questions our sense of ourselves as thinking and feeling beings inhabiting a world overwhelmed by the inevitability of both loss and grace. Playful self-inquiry is often the mode.”
Review by Sandra Lim


Canadian Literature
“This is a speaker self-consciously wary of mystical visions and cosmic vibrations…the poetic leaps are oracular and beautiful…When Buffam undercuts the power of her own observations, she does so with an irony and humility that deepens the profundity of her gaze and invites us closer in.
Modern Takes on What Makes Us Human


Canadian Notes and Queries
“…unflinchingly unsentimental…Her poems tend to be intellectual and metaphysical meditations which pair well with the pensive pace and synthetic rhythms of a prose line.”
Nailing Down the Hard Parts: The Challenge of First Books


Cut Bank
“Under Buffam’s scrutiny, what seems obvious often proves to be simultaneously its own opposite.”
Short Reviews


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